Let us take you back to 2015 to where it all began. Co founder Annette, has always believed in the power and impact of quotes and words. It was Annette’s intention to create a safe space online to inspire and encourage those who came across it. 


One evening whilst sitting in her sister Orla’s house, she told of how she would like to create a platform online to share words of wisdom that resonate with her personally in the hope to inspire and uplift others. Orla asked “Have you thought about a name?” Annette glanced at Orla’s coffee table and on it was her purse “ A Penny For Your Thoughts” was inscribed. That was the light bulb moment where “Little Penny Thoughts”  was created. Orla with her artistic flair and love for graphics created our LPT cloud / thought bubble logo and from then Annette started posting uplifting quotes each day from authors from all walks of life and even gained the confidence to write some of her own. The words online were hitting home and resonating with many, with thousands of shares each day and reaching millions each week , the Little Penny Thoughts community began to grow and flourish.

Our social media following has grew to more than half a million people across our platforms. However it has never been about numbers or stats, it has always been about creating impact and helping others on their own personal  journey.


In 2017, Annette & Orla joined forces and Little Penny Thoughts became an official brand and a company, our little dream of creating and producing a daily flip calendar came true. Complied by Annette and designed by Orla, It soon became a household and workplace feature far and wide. To this day it gives us great pride seeing our product in people’s homes and places of work. The idea of the flip calendar came from the concept of turning the page each day to unfold a new quote or affirmation for the day ahead.  We didn’t want to create a book that would gather dust but rather something that people could use and get good from each day. Three volumes of our much-loved calendar have been created thus far.


In addition to our core LPT products, we have grown to embrace workshops and events under the 'Wellness from Within' initiative, emphasising mental health and well-being.

Little Penny Thoughts is more than just a brand, it is a vibrant community and a platform that celebrates the power of thoughts and kindness. As an Irish family run wellbeing company, we pride ourselves on creating products, content and experiences designed with love and compassion and sprinkled with joy to help people practically and emotionally to find moments of positivity and motivation and a toolkit to support a journey towards fulfilment, self acceptance and self love.

The journey continues and thank you for being a part of it.

Love, Annette and Orla.

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